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If you use one of our query engines, you may enter an e-mail address. The secret URL pointing at your project will be sent to you directly after the upload and you will receive a second notification when the analysis has finished.
Your e-mail is only visible during the data analysis and the analysis web pages can only be accessed via the secret URL.
Data you uploaded will be automatically deleted within two months time unless you delete it by yourself or request complete deletion or an extension of that period by e-mail. Please note that your from-address must match the address you specified when uploading the data. Your e-mail address will remain in our database to allow us to determine the number of different users. It will be deleted upon request.

*This text applies only to anonymous HomozygosityMapper/AutozygosityMapper projects with access restriction, please read the section below for HM/AM user accounts.

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*This text applies only to project generated when logged into a HomozygosityMapper/AutozygosityMapper user account, please read the section above for account-free analyses.


We do not set cookies or store any data processed by DrawPed.

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Our software is provided free of charge and can freely be used. Please contact us if you plan to integrate pre-calculated prediction scores made by MutationTaster into your own software.


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