ePOSSUM batch queries
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New version (FABIAN-variant) available: https://www.genecascade.org/FABIAN/

variant or genomic region (build 37)

use VCF format: 1:713950CTG>C
InDels: you must enter the last refseq base!
sequence(s) to test
(variant sequence can be empty)
transcription factors to analyse

Use of ePOSSUM is easy: simply enter the DNA variant you want to analyse into the variant or genomic region (build 37) field. This allows the software to find known TF binding sites at this position - as we rely on the ENCODE data we can only use genome version 37 for this.
If you do not know the location but have a wild-type and a variant sequence, you can still enter them into the sequence(s) to test fields. In this case, we cannot display any known TF binding sites.
We provide a detailed documentation of ePOSSUM's output.

Please note that ePOSSUM only works with human TFs.
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